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The Milk Program supports your school!

In addition to regular program benefits, registered schools are also eligible to participate in other special Recycle Recycle Right with Milk Program opportunities including:

Milk Moovers Make It Happen!

Milk Moovers are special people who make your school’s Milk Program a success. Each year schools are given the opportunity to recognize and reward their Milk Moovers with the help of the Milk Program.

Past nominations for Magnificent Milk Moover include:

  • Milk delivery people
  • Student helpers
  • Parent volunteers
  • Milk Coordinators
  • Cafeteria operators/managers
  • Local businesses/grocery stores

Help us honour those who go above and beyond to give your school a fantastic Milk Program. Nominate your Magnificent Milk Moover! Nomination deadline is March 20, 2022.

Nomination form (PDF)

Smoothie Station Grant

Hosting a health fair? The Milk Program wants to help your school celebrate nutrition!

Highlight a powerful bone building snack at your student health fair by including a “Smoothie Station”. Here, students can learn and experience how to include milk in a simple, but satisfying snack.

Apply to the Program to receive up to a $100 grant for your Smoothie Station. At this hands-on school staff led station, students will be invited to participate in helping make a smoothie. Samples will be available for all students to try. Only 20 Milk Program Smoothie Station grants are available per year. Requests are considered on a first come first serve basis.

Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email from the Milk Program. Grant money will only be provided following the event, upon submitting proof of receipt for the smoothie station groceries and sample cups.


  • Your school must currently be on the Milk Program.
  • School must have a student population greater than 100 students. Smaller schools interested in applying, please contact us.
  • Smoothie Station must be a school based activity (accessible to all students within the school). For classroom smoothie grants please visit program/powerful-bones-mini-grant/
  • The smoothie station experience must include the opportunity for students to be hands on with making the smoothie or have an opportunity to see how the smoothie is made.
  • Milk and yogurt must be included in the recipe (an exception is permitted for a dairy free batch for a student(s) who is allergic to dairy. All other batches must include milk and yogurt. Schools are required to notify The Program of any dairy substitutions.). For an example smoothie recipe, click here.
  • Grant money may not be used to purchase equipment – only groceries and sampling cups.
  • To receive the grant money, a copy of the grocery receipt must be submitted following the event. Upon receiving the receipt, the The Milk Program will provide a grant of up to $100 for reimbursement of the smoothie ingredients and sample cups only.
  • Any Smoothie Station groceries purchased above the $100 grant provided are the responsibility of the school.
  • The Milk Program has the right to reject an application if details provided do not meet outlined criteria or for any other reason with explanation.
  • One request per year, per school.

To Apply:

Contact us