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Have Fun with Your Recycle Right with Milk Program

The Recycle right with Milk Program provides support and assistance to milk coordinators—school staff, administrators, or volunteers organizing your school’s Recycle Right with Milk Program. Find materials here to help make your Program a success.

Activity Spin Wheel

Spin the digital wheel and find an activity to celebrate your school’s success!

Students will work together to recycle right . At the end of every month, the school will have an opportunity to “unlock” an eco-friendly themed activity selected by spinning the wheel. Gaining access to the activity spin wheel is dependent on successfully recycling 80% or more of the school’s milk cartons.

Spin Wheel Activities Include

  • Build a robot from recyclables*
  • What Goes Where – board game
  • Build a bird feeder from used milk cartons*
  • Create posters and continue the learning process at home
  • Milk carton bowling*
  • Environmental acts of kindness/service
  • FREE Space – There is a FREE spot located on the spin wheel, where students and
    teachers can choose which activity they would like to do (one of the activities listed or create your own!)

The Activity Spin wheel aims to promote recycling initiatives in a fun and engaging way and can be used to encourage participation throughout the year. Only schools registered for Recycle Right with Milk will be given access to the spin wheel.

Milk Colouring Pages

Feel free to download and print copies as needed:

School Cow
School Milk Lunch
Halloween Milk
Santa Cow
Happy Valentine’s Day to moo
I Like Moo!
Milk Spirit Week
St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Cow
Easter Cow


Fun activities to use with students throughout the year.

Cow-Moo-dy Download

Moo or False Download

Milk Spirit Week Activities and Ideas Download

Crafty With Cartons

Milk DIY: Terrarium

Milk DIY: Truck

Milk DIY: Night Light Village