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Getting Started

Recycle Right with Milk encourages students working together to develop better recycling habits, while supporting the healthy habit of drinking milk.

This program is for the school, and run by the school. This means everyone plays an important role, ensuring beverage containers are recycled right and tracking your school’s progress – and success!

Learn how the Milk Coordinator, the Moo Crew, and classroom students work together in the video series below.


Milk Coordinator:

The Milk Coordinator is responsible for Recycle Right with Milk in your school. This video outlines how the Milk Coordinator’s leadership will ensure Recycle Right with Milk is a successful program that builds community while contributing to environmental sustainability at your school.

The Moo Crew:

The Moo Crew at your school has a very important job and is a great opportunity to grow student leadership and responsibility. This video explains the role and responsibilities of the Moo Crew.

Classroom Tasks:

Classroom participation is important to keep the recycling process flowing at your school. This video describes how classroom students do their part to Recycle Right with Milk.

For electronic copies of program resources to run your program, click here