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Promoting Your Recycle Right with Milk Program

The Recycle Right with Milk Program provides support and assistance to milk coordinators—school staff, administrators, or volunteers organizing your school’s Recycle Right with Milk Program. Find materials here to help make your Program a success.

How To

Promote your Recycle Right with Milk Program
Distribute milk in your school

For Parents

Promote your school’s commitment to supporting nutrition and recycling initiatives by sharing this resource with parents/caregivers of students who stay for lunch. The information inside describes what Recycle Right with Milk is all about and highlights the important contribution milk provides in their child’s nutrition and learning. This sheet can be printed off or saved and emailed to parents.

Recycle Right with Milk Program: Parent Information Sheet

Students will work together to collect, empty, and recycle milk cartons daily. At the end of every month, classrooms will have an opportunity to “unlock” an eco-friendly themed *activity for the entire class to participate in. Gaining access to the spin wheel will be dependent on reaching an 80% milk carton recovery rate at the end of each month. Activities will be selected by spinning the wheel.


Recycle Right with Milk Program: Letter to Parents

This letter lets parents know your school has a Recycle Right with Milk Program. *We suggest sending this letter along with the parent information sheet to parents as it allows schools to indicate approximately how much money their child will need per day/week/month to purchase milk at school.


School Lunches Made Easy: Handouts

This handout includes simple steps to creating a school lunch for a traditional or balanced school day – a great resource to send home to parents.