School Milk During COVID-19

School Milk Program during COVID-19

Milk can be part of a safe and healthy school plan. Here’s what your school needs to know about the Manitoba school guidelines related to serving milk and what this means for your school’s Milk Program. Click on button below for the details.

SMP During COVID-19

School-led start

This year’s back-to-school has been like no other! We understand school plans and staff responsibilities have been affected by COVID-19. To help with this adjustment, we’ve kicked off the 2020-21 School Milk Program by offering a school-led start.

Each month, registered Milk Coordinators will be emailed and asked to complete a very short readiness survey. When Coordinators indicate their school is feeling ready to start serving milk, we’ll mail out the program kit. Coordinators can also contact us directly to express their readiness to start.

Not registered for the School Milk Program?

We are currently accepting registrations for the School Milk Program. For more information about the Program or to register, click here or contact us.