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Why Milk at School?

Good nutrition is essential for better learning.

Studies show that well-nourished children do better in school. Students learn better and are more alert when they are well-fed with a variety of foods. Milk and dairy products are part of the foundation for healthy eating and are represented as protein foods and other nutritious beverages of choice in Canada’s Food Guide.

Milk is nutritionally outstanding for today’s active kids.

  • Children deserve the best possible chance at a healthy diet, and milk is one of the quickest ways to provide that goodness. With 15 essential nutrients, milk gives students the nutritional edge they need to stay attentive, energetic, and perform their best.
  • Milk products are the best source of calcium because they contain a large amount, which is well absorbed and used by the body. Research shows that children who consume milk at lunch are more likely to meet their daily dietary requirements for calcium.
  • Recent studies show a majority of Canadian students are missing out on important nutrients. In fact, 83 per cent of girls and 61 per cent of boys ages 10-16 fail to meet the minimum number of recommended daily servings of milk products. As a result they do not get enough calcium for optimum bone development. 

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