Fun with Your Program

Have Fun with Your School Milk Program

The School Milk Program provides support and assistance to milk coordinators—school staff, administrators, or volunteers organizing your school’s Milk Program. Find materials here to help make your School Milk Program a success.

Milk Spirit Week

Food and fun go hand in hand! What better way to celebrate healthy eating and active living than with Milk Spirit Week?

You can design the week anyway you like at any time you like. We recommend hosting at least 3 milk related events. For some ideas to get you started, check out the Ideas and Activities Booklet

The milk reminders provided in your school’s Milk Program Kit can be used to encourage participation. We suggest putting some of these reminders aside at the beginning of the school year, so they are available for your Milk Spirit Week, whenever you choose to have it!
*Please note, additional Milk Spirit Week kits are no longer available.

Milk Spirit Week keeps healthy eating top of mind and keeps school spirit alive! Have fun planning!

Milk Colouring Pages


Fun dairy related activities to use with students throughout the year or during your school’s Milk Spirit Week.

Crafty with Cartoons

Milk DIY: Terrarium:

Milk DIY: Milk Truck:

Milk DYI: Night Light Village