Program Registration

Program Registration

Registration begins in May and is available until December of the same year. All schools are encouraged to register before the beginning of the school year as this will ensure your Recycle Right with Milk program materials arrive in October.

**All schools** are required to renew their registration EACH year.

School-wide Milk Day Award!

We’d like to help your school celebrate the start of the 2022-23 Recycle Right with Milk Program (formally, School Milk Program).

All schools who register for the 2022/23 Recycle Right with Milk Program are eligible to win a School-wide Milk Day Award! No additional application necessary.

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School Milk During COVID-19

Milk can be included as part of a safe and healthy school plan.

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Nutrition is Essential for Learning

That’s why we invite you to join hundreds of schools across Manitoba in offering milk as part of healthy eating. Studies show students are more alert and ready to learn when they are well-nourished with a balance of foods, which includes milk.

No Other Drink Compares to Milk

When it comes to quenching thirst, water is a great choice.

With a meal, like lunch, milk provides students with energy and 16 essential nutrients they need to fuel their potential. An excellent source of calcium, milk also supports students during the important years of bone growth and development.

Recycle Right with Milk Program

Kindergarden – Grade 6: The Recycle Right with Milk Program, is an inclusive program that encourages students to drink milk and to learn how to properly recycle beverage containers.

To participate in the Recycle Right with Milk Program, schools must have milk available at least 3 times per week. All students can participate.

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High School Milk Program

Middle School – High School: The High School Milk Program will be on pause next school year.

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