Run Your Program

Running Your School Milk Program

The School Milk Program provides support and assistance to milk coordinators—school staff, administrators, or volunteers organizing your school’s Milk Program. Find materials here to help make your School Milk Program a success.

Milk Tickets

Milk tickets are often used by schools using a pre-payment system. Students pay for their milk in advance, and in return receive a sheet of milk tickets redeemable during the lunch hour whenever they choose to drink milk. Milk tickets can also be used as ballots for milk reward draws. Tickets are available in sheets of 12 or 20. Your school can use a format that works best for your payment system.

Milk Cards

Milk cards are another option for schools using a pre-payment system. Students pay for their milk in advance and in return receive a milk card, which can be used to track how much milk the student has redeemed. When using milk cards, coordinators will be responsible for entering the names of students who’ve purchased a milk card into the milk draw.

Presell milk punch card:  allows students to prepay for 21 containers of milk. Milk coordinators can complete the milk cards by electronically filling in student’s name and room number. Completed electronic punch card pages can be saved for repeat purchases. As students redeem their milk, it is tracked on the card.

Forms & Class Lists

School Milk Program Survey

Before starting your school’s Milk Program determine the interest of your school community. Here’s a sample survey that can be sent home to parents:

Pre-Payment Systems

Description of pre-payment milk systems – milk tickets and monthly milk order: Download

Milk Ticket Order Forms

Monthly Milk Pre-Payment Order Form

Instead of using milk tickets or cards, your school may wish to use a monthly milk pre-payment order form. This monthly form allows students and parents to select which days of the month they would like to order white or chocolate milk, and add up the total cost and payment required to be submitted to the school. The form also allows coordinators to personalize fields for: month and year, price of milk, return form, and payment date. The monthly calendar on the form is also modifiable. It allows coordinators to cross out (by typing an “X” ) the squares of the week at the beginning and end of the month that are from the previous and following months, along with any holidays or no school days. For more information on how to use this type of pre-payment system click here.

Monthly Milk Pre-payment Order Form: Download

Class Lists

For schools using a monthly milk schedule instead of milk tickets or cards, milk purchases can be tracked using a class list. Lists are helpful to calculate how much milk to purchase for the month, and can be used to deliver milk to students who eat in their classrooms.

There are two file formats available:

  1. PDF – to be printed and completed manually.
  2. Excel – download and save this file to your computer. This format can be completed electronically. It will add up the total number of a classroom’s white and chocolate milk for each day of the school week, as well as add up the total number of white and chocolate milk for the month. Multiple class lists can be made and saved for repeat purchase
    • English class list (Excel): Download (Save As to view the class list).
    • Français class list (Excel): Download (Save As to view the class list).

Milk Delivery Services

We are often asked for milk delivery service references. To better assist our schools, we have compiled a list of some of the services available in Manitoba.

Please note: Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is not affiliated with any of the milk delivery services listed. For customer service inquiries please contact the services directly.

You may want to contact more than one milk distributor, so you can find the right fit for your school, based on service, product and price.

Here’s a list of questions you can ask to help you find the right milk delivery service: Download

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