Faq - DFM

We are a rural school and are having trouble getting milk delivered to the school?

Milk delivery service to schools in rural Manitoba is not always available. Please refer to the Milk Delivery Services in Rural Manitoba list. If delivery service is not available, we encourage your school to get creative! Check with your local grocery store or restaurants to see if they will order milk for the school.

Our school is K-Grade 6, can we participate in Recycle Right with Milk? What about K-8 schools?

If your school meets the minimum number of students participating and is making milk available at least 3 times a week, you can absolutely run the program! If your school goes to grade 8, contact us to discuss the best option for your school.

What if my school does not use small (237ml) cartons of milk?

If your school serves milk in cups from 1L, 2L or even 4L milk cartons/jugs, you can still participate in Recycle Right with Milk.

To figure out how many cartons of milk are handed out and recycled from larger cartons and/or jugs, please refer to the following conversions:

1L = 1000mL / 237ml = ~4 servings

2L = 2000mL / 237ml = ~8.5 servings

4L = 4000mL / 237ml = ~16.5 servings